Clockwork Living – Week 2

Week 2 is still as tough going as is expected, with TOH and myself not getting much sleep.
We have tried to implement a routine which is based around 4 hour stints, its called EASY

E.A.S.Y. Routine from the Baby Whisperer

Basically it means my day is split up into 3 or 4 hour chunks with dedicated task happening at each hour. It’s a bit like the Army I reckon…

This is how its working…


…Like a charm(!?)


Now before having a kid I knew that the umbilical cord is still attached to the kid before it falls off, what I wasn’t aware of was how much, as this nubbin falls off , it starts to stink. A proper necrosis smell of death.



We have had a visit from Uncle Raj, who bought some lovely gifts


Shit stinks.
TOH is on anti biotic’s and this makes Olive’s poo properly stink.
Luckily TOH is proactive and purchased a spray paint mask, this filters most of the stench! Olive seems fairly happy with us wearing it, I think she understands…


Olive gets some mail! It’s for a hearing test, not a bill yet…


Talk about Genes! Some serious genes of mine transferred shown in the below picture.
My ludicrous eyelashes, my flat ear, my camp wrist resting position, and maybe a slight tinge of ginge in the hair…



Aunty Gem comes to visit for cuddles!20140117-110009.jpg


And so does Liza! (Thanks for the gifts and the amazing Pizza! Yum!!!)20140117-151917.jpg



Thanks to Aunty Gem’s visit, Olive gets some style advice…20140117-151928.jpg


TOH manages to brave the outside world and visit a café,  her first excursion out.
Whilst this was going on, advantage was taken and I went to the pub! Excellent Pies…




We get a visit from Uncle Ben and Aunty Sinead, another  teddy bear to add to the collection. Olive will make an informed decision as to which is her favourite very soon I am sure




And now we are knackered. Night times have been particularly tough for the last couple of days of cluster feeding happening around 2-5AM, we’re trying to move this cluster feed until earlier in the evening.
One thing that seems to chill out Olive is Music, she likes some old school Blues/Jazz, she prefers Nina Simone and Billie Holiday over Bessie Smith or Leadbelly though, and seems to not quite get Bob Dylan yet.
Thanks for all the positive feedback from the last post, more updates to come…




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